Child Abuse Clearances

FBI Fingerprint Card (print only on white cardstock, not paper)463.63 KB
Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers25.63 KB
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There are THREE clearances that need to be obtained in order to volunteer in any capacity with children in Pennsylvania:

  1. Criminal Record Check
  2. Child Abuse Clearance
  3. FBI Background Clearance

If you already have these, and they have been obtained within the last 5 years, please bring them into the choir office, and we will make copies. We are required to keep copies of every employee and volunteer.

If you do not have any or all of these, please continue reading.

1. To obtain a Criminal Record Check:

Go here: and click on the yellow button "New Record Check". Complete the process. For Volunteer Organization phone number, our number is 215-222-3500.

2. To obtain the Child Abuse Clearance from Pennsylvania:

Go here: and click on "CREATE INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT". On the next page, click "NEXT" and finish creating an account. You will need to go through a password process, etc just to set up the account. Once it's complete, go here:  Read the info, click "Continue" and then you will be directed to log-in with your newly created ID and password. Login and then "Create Clearance Application" and complete the process. When you login and begin filling it out, it will ask for "Application Purpose". Select the top option - "Volunteer Having Contact With Children". For category, select "Other".

3. To obtain the FBI Background Clearance:

You will need to pay a fee of $27.50 and you will need to get fingerprinted.

If you live in PA, first read the "Disclosure Statement" in the files listed above. If you've lived in PA for the past ten years, this statement might apply to you and you can forego the FBI check. If it applies to you, sign it and hand it in to us. This completes the third step for you.
If it does not apply to you, go through the FBI registration process online first, and then you go to a fingerprinting site. First, go here and read the information under REGISTRATION - Registration Procedures and click on "FEDERAL (FBI) CRIMINAL HISTORY REPORT" and read the information. Then go back to the first page, and under REGISTRATION, click on "Register Online" and complete the process. Leave the "Agency ID" blank. You can also leave "Agency Name and Address" all blank, or fill in the choir's information for the name and address. For "Reason fingerprinted", select the top option "23PACSA6344.2 DHS VOLUNTEER". When you are finished, read the information back on the main page about "PRINT SITE LOCATIONS...print locations and hours" and "What to bring" and follow the directions to get your fingerprints. 

If you live in NJ or DE, you need to register online and get fingerprinted at a local place (police station).

First, go here and read the few paragraphs of information under REGISTRATION - Registration Procedures. Then, back on the main page, under REGISTRATION, click on Register Online and complete the process. For the registration, check the top box "Fingerprint Card Use". Leave the "Agency ID" blank. You can also leave "Agency Name and Address" all blank, or fill in the choir's information for the name and address. For "Reason fingerprinted", select the top option "23PACSA6344.2 DHS VOLUNTEER". When you are finished registering, print out the page that states you've completed the process.

Next, you need to print out two fingerprint cards on cardstock, not regular paper. You can print the file at the top of this page ("FBI Fingerprint Card") on white cardstock, or pick up copies that we have in the choir office. You will also need a manila envelope to mail them. Fill out the two cards before getting fingerprinted. For information on filling out the card, read the file at the top of this page "Instructions for filling out the fingerprint card". In the box that says "Reason Fingerprinted", write "Direct Volunteer Contact 23 PA.C.S." (This is the statute number that specifies volunteers are required to get the background check).

Then you need to find a place near you that does fingerprinting. Police stations often do this. The fingerprinting place may require a specific type of ID and payment, so be sure to find out ahead of time what you need. Also bring the two cards, a manila envelope to mail them, and the page you printed from the online registration. Make sure the fingerprinting place does BOTH cards for you. Once they complete them, insert the cards and the online registration in the envelope, seal it and have them sign on the sealed envelope. 

When you are finished, mail the envelope to:
3M Cogent
Attn: Fingerprint Card Scan PA DHS
639 N Rosemead Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

Be sure to use enough postage.