How does the audition work? 
Contact to set up an appointment or for more information. The Music Director auditions each boy, and the process generally takes less than fifteen minutes. Prepared music is not required for auditions.

Is there an age limit?
We audition boys from ages 7 to 12. Most boys usually start in our training groups, the Beginning and Advanced Cadets.

Is prior music training necessary?
No. Although prior music experience is helpful, boys will have lessons in music theory and receive vocal training.

What if my son or music student doesn't think he's good enough?
If he has a sincere interest, encourage him to audition anyway. Some of our most gifted boys were reluctant to audition because they were afraid they weren’t good enough.

Does my son have to give up the school or church choir?
Absolutely not! Boys are encouraged to stay actively involved in all of their other choirs, as well as other activities such as sports and clubs.

What is the cost and what if we need assistance with tuition? 
Tuition is $1350 for the year (subject to change), with full and partial scholarships available for those in need.