Planned Gifts FAQ

I'm not wealthy. How could I have an estate big enough to make a charitable gift?

Most people are surprised at the total value of their assets when they take into account their home, retirement plans, life insurance policies, IRAs, personal property, and investments. After providing for family and friends, it is often possible to plan a charitable gift as well. Gifts such as Trusts or Charitable Gift Annuities can provide a donor with lifetime income, often with a higher return than many other investments.

I don't know much about planned giving. How can PBCC be of help to me?

PBCC’s Planned Giving expert would be happy to discuss your questions with you - with no obligation on your part to make a gift. We can provide you with general information, which you can then discuss with your financial and/or legal advisor. 

How can I make a gift to PBCC through my existing will?

It's easy. Your attorney can add a "codicil" to your current will, using simple bequest language that allocates a fixed amount, a percentage of your estate or the remainder of you estate to PBCC. You can also make a gift of stock or mutual funds. 

I may want to remain anonymous. How would notifying PBCC be of value to me?

Knowing your intentions will help PBCC better plan for the future. We feel strongly about expressing our gratitude to you for your gift and would be honored to recognize you in a special way. You would receive newsletters, be invited to special PBCC events and more. And if you choose to have your gift publicized, you may even inspire others to give.

However you support us, you will sustain one of Philadelphia’s cultural treasures. The PBCC and Philadelphia Girls’ Choir improve the lives, teach self-discipline to, inspire confidence and instill a love of the arts in boys and girls across the region.


For more information or to discuss any planned giving subjects, please contact: 

     Tim Sabol, Private Wealth Advisor and PBCC Board Member

     Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

     2001 Market St. - 40th Floor

     Philadelphia, PA 19103



PBCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our Federal Tax ID number is: 23-2156232

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please send your donation to:


     Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale

     Philadelphia Girls Choir

     ATTN: Planned Giving 

     1336 Spring Garden Street

     Philadelphia, PA 19123


To learn more, please visit our Planned Gifts - Ways to Give page.