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Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale is now accepting video audition submissions! This year, we are particularly looking for singers starting at age 7 to enter our training program, as well as older elementary school students.

After a video is submitted, we will survey it and contact you within two weeks to let you know if you are invited to schedule a callback audition with one of our conductors. Callback auditions will be held at our facility (1336 Spring Garden Street).

For FAQ’s and information about the final callback audition, click here.

Video Audition Instructions

1. Pick a song you’d like to sing. We don’t need to hear a lot – just one verse of a song is fine. Any song will do, but we prefer to hear notes closer to the top part of your voice, not the notes down at the bottom of your voice.

If you can’t think of a song, you can use “America, the Beautiful”. Here is a recording and the music: 

America, the Beautiful – Sheet Music

2. Practice singing your song. Sing it several times, until you are comfortable with it.

3. When you are ready, record a video of yourself. First, state your first and last name, then your age, then sing the song. You can use the camera on a phone or any other device to record the video.

4. Fill out the form below, click “NEXT”, and then upload your video. If you recorded the video on your phone, it might be easiest to visit this web page on your phone to fill out the form and upload your video.
If you have any difficulty uploading the file, please e-mail auditions@phillyboyschoir.org and we will find a way for you to get the file to us.

    My parent/guardian has given me permission to send this audition video, or I am the parent/guardian of auditionee.

    The Great Wall of China
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