Keep singing!

During the pandemic, our singers are staying active by participating in semi-weekly Zoom sessions where they can connect with each other and improve their musical abilities. The youngest in the training programs are continuing to learn music theory, vocal technique, and sight-reading; the older choristers in the performing choir are learning new songs and creating “virtual choir” videos.

CLICK HERE to see a sample of our critically-acclaimed virtual holiday concert from December.

CLICK HERE to see a little of the older training program virtual sessions

CLICK HERE to see a clip of the choir’s first attempt at a “virtual choir” video last year.

All singers connect via computer, tablet or phone with internet connection. Anyone who does not have internet connection can contact us for information.

What our singers are saying about virtual rehearsals

“I really like how we are able to connect through this pandemic. It really gives me something to look forward to. And it [prevents] my vocal cords becoming rusty.”

“I like that it is similar to regular rehearsal but almost like a private lesson…I learn a lot about the music by just hearing [our directors] speak [about the music].”

“I enjoy that even though all of this is going on with social distancing and quarantine, we are still able to continue having rehearsal and seeing people…other than our family…It also helps keep me active in singing.”

Moving forward through the pandemic

After our summer break, the new season will begin in September. Training groups (“Beginning and Advanced Cadets”) and the performing choir each meet twice a week. (Click here to view the rehearsal schedule).

At that point, we expect rehearsals will resume at the choir building and all safety measures will be taken to ensure the health of our singers and their families. Our facility is conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia, just north of City Hall at 1336 Spring Garden Street. Bus stops, subway stops and parking are all located nearby.

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