Philadelphia Vocal Conservatory: Instructions for Performers


  • No Choral Uniforms
  • No Jeans
  • Something you would wear to a funeral


  • Sit toward the front, with the other performers, away from your family
  • Listen respectfully to each performer the way you want to be listened to and be supportive
  • Singing is a social activity- as such, each performer is required to have a conversation with every else who performs


  • When the person before you on the program takes their first step to leave the performance area, immediately rise and move to the performance area
  • Acknowledge other performers as you pass them with encouragement, or congratulations
  • Keep high-fives and actual conversations to a minimum
  • Same applies when you are leaving the performance area

Stage Deportment:

  • Upon entering the performance area (usually in the crook of the grand piano) smile and nod at the audience
  • Smile and nod at the pianist when you are ready for the accompaniment to begin
  • During your piece focus above or between audience members
  • Do not touch or lean on the piano unless it has been previously sanctioned by your teacher
  • At the end of your piece WAIT for the pianist to release before breaking your focus. The song is not over until the piano stops sounding
  • When applause begins bow from the waist
  • Look briefly at your shoes- showing the top of your head to the audience
  • DO NOT clutch your stomach- unless you have appendicitis
  • DO NOT drop a curtsey unless previously sanctioned by your teacher
  • acknowledge the accompanist by extending your arm toward them
  • smile past your palm at them
  • palm forward
  • fingers together
  • wait for accompanist to acknowledge your action
  • smile and nod at the audience
  • leave immediately and gracefully
  • see exit/entrance: above

Other Considerations

  • Things happen, but be aware: if you need to leave a concert early and do not give the other performers the same attention they gave you, you might not be invited to perform in the next concert
  • Please: If anyone needs to enter or leave the hall during the performance do so by the BACK stairs and only do so during applause between pieces

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