Philadelphia Vocal Conservatory: Performer Guide

Italian Art Songs and Arias Recital- Program

Intermission Volunteering


  • Always bring a copy of your music with you just in case.
  • House will be open to audience TBD
  • Parents/Guardians- Please, bring your performers and leave them here to dress and help prep the space for the performance. This is not just free labor for us but a chance for singers to get comfortable with one another prior to the performance. Singers should arrive TBD


  • Dress Nice
  • Wear something you would wear to a funeral
  • I hate ties and do not require them, but by all means wear them if they are your thing.


  • Sit toward the front of the audience with the other performers and away from your family
  • Singing is a social activity- all performers are required to have a conversation with every other performer (try a compliment)
  • If anyone must enter or leave during the performance, use the back stairs and only do so during applause- not during someone else’s piece
  • Listen to the other performers as you would hope they will listen to you

Entering and Exiting the Performance Area

  • When the performer before you takes their first step to leave the stage, rise and take your first step to enter it- (Because of the nature of this particular recital speed is very important. Don’t dawdle)
  • Performers must acknowledge each other as they pass (try encouragement or congratulations- but let’s stop short of high-fives and conversation. A smile is more than adequate)

On Stage

  • Prepare to sing from the crook of the piano and face the audience
  • Smile and nod at the audience
  • Smile and nod at the pianist to let them know you are ready to start your piece
  • As you perform- focus your attention above the audience or perhaps between individual audience members
  • As your piece ends you must not break focus until the piano is completely released. Do not move while it is creating sound
  • Bow to acknowledge applause
  • Bow from the waist, do not clutch your stomach (unless you have appendicitis)
  • Do not drop a curtsey (unless your dress would make a bow awkward and it has been previously sanctioned by your teacher)
  • Look briefly at your shoes in order to show the top of your head to the audience as a sign of obeisance
  • Do not whip your head as if you are trying to head butt someone- move gracefully
  • Acknowledge the pianist- extend your arm toward their face for the benefit of the audience
  • Look past your hand to the pianist’s face while smiling, palm forward, fingers together
  • Wait for the pianist to acknowledge this by acknowledging you or the audience with a nod or bow
  • Smile and nod at the audience
  • Immediately leave
  • See instructions for entering and exiting the performance area above

Questions? Email Michael Ashby at mashby@pbgcsings.org

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