Virtual Recording with PBCC Alumni

    Most of the alumni will likely be singing the melody, with a little harmony (tenor/high baritone and baritone/bass). However, you are also welcome to join the current chorale if you prefer (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Cambiata, Baritone, Bass). If you are a recent alumnus and your voice hasn't changed yet, we can find a part for you as well.

    Voice hasn't changed yetAlumnus tenor/high baritoneAlumnus baritone/bassChorale Tenor 1Chorale Tenor 2Chorale CambiataChorale BaritoneChorale Bass

    Yes/ProbablyNo/Probably notI don't know

    Yes/ProbablyNo/Probably notI don't know

    If you are unable to attend either or both of the rehearsals, we will be able to provide a recording for you to practice with.

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